We offer a range of comprehensive services for your liquid packaging machines, from maintenance, upgrades and spare parts to machine training. Make sure your machines are running at peak performance with our expert Maverick team.


  • Mechanical analysis and maintenance.
  • Pneumatics analysis and maintenance.
  • Preventative maintenance schedule will be revised after machine inspection.

We will analyse the machine for wear and tear, worn out parts or parts that need to be reset for optimal performance. A full report with references will be compiled on the entire machine and provided with a quote after the visit has been completed.


When in the need of an upgrade, a request for additions or modifications to any unit on a machine can be made through our site. We would then determine if the unit can be dropped into the current machine, or if a modular unit needs to be built, which would require the machine to be extended for the addition. Depending on the size of the upgrade, a Maverick engineer(s) will do the installation and integration on site.

Spare Parts

Clients can request spare parts, singular parts, or sub-assemblies of any unit. These can be mechanical, electrical or pneumatic spare parts, across the entire machine.

Machine Training

  • Machine training on each unit, with its functions and controls.
  • Training on setting up each unit of the machine.
  • Assisting with machine SOP’s.
  • Providing setup and training documents for operators.
  • Assisting with machine optimal settings.

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