About Us

Maverick International

Maximizing efficiency with innovative pouch & bag-in-box machinery, providing high quality solutions to your flexible bag manufacturing needs.

Bag Manufacturing Machine Cape Town

Maverick was first established in 1999 by managing director, Derek Fay, and has since been supplying both pouch and bag-in-box machines and manufacturing equipment to the international market. In 2002, Maverick built its first ever 1000LT bag machine for a company called Stopak, a company based in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2010, Maverick introduced specialty pouch and bag manufcaturing machinery into its product range. Today, as Maverick International, we believe in offering a cost-effective and efficient bag-in-box machine, of superior nature in conjunction with a comprehensive service.

Our head office is based in Cape Town, and not only is our team passionate and dedicated to what they do, but they have many years of knowledge, expertise, and a vast understanding of the flexible packaging industry. With this understanding, we have produced exceptionally high-speed, ergonomic, automated bag manufacturing machines of an ever-consistent quality.

Our bag manufacturing machines run the full range of liquid packaging materials, taps and glands (fitments), and bag sizes, which can also be custom made to fit your specific requirements. We are both dedicated and flexible with regards to accommodating your specific needs as a customer and aim to provide you with a truly universal product and service.